An Elephant Is Killed By Poachers In The World Wide Fund's 2017 Christmas Advert

Other | Thursday 30th November 2017 | David

The World Wildlife Fund’s 2017 Christmas advert is likely to be one of the saddest things you’ll see all day, so let that be a fair warning before you hit the play button.

The sixty-second advert shows an elephant being shot and killed by hunters whilst a fellow elephant looks on helplessly. It is a far cry from what we would usually expect to see on our TV screens at this time of year.

What makes this harrowing advert all the more tragic is the fact that US President Donald Trump recently decided it would be a good idea to reverse Obama’s ban on importing ivory in the US, something that will in all likelihood lead to an increase in elephant poaching. Couple this with the fact that back here in the UK the Tories just voted that animals are incapable of feeling or emotion, most right-minded viewers will watch the advert feeling an uneasy mix of both anger and sadness.

So if you want to do your bit to ensure that we will always live in a world where elephants are treasured and protected, you can sign up for as little as £3 month to help fund the elephant adoption program on WWF’s website.

Watch the video below, though be prepared to feel emotions other than the usual joy of the festive spirit.