As we welcome the first set of migrant children to arrive in UK!

Drum and Bass | Monday 17th October 2016 | Arren

The first group of migrant children from Calais' jungle' camp, are due to arrive in the UK today.

Around a dozen unaccompanied refugee children have left the terrible conditions in Calais, bound for the UK.

The move is a fast-track registration scheme under EU legislation, allowing them to seek asylum in Britain as they have family living here.

They'll arrive first at the Home Office in Croydon to register before being reunited with their family members who will be waiting for them in nearby churches.

The Calais migrant camp, the 'jungle'.

The move is the start of a long term plan to bring refugee children over to the UK, though time is running out as the French authorities are going to the dismantle the camp at any time.

Along with the EU rules is a separate UK law; the Dubs Amendment, which allows the Home Office to transfer unaccompanied children over to Britain even without family residing here. Though this doesn't come without it's problems, as working out who is eligible is a mammoth - only made harder with many people travelling without documentation.

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has said 'Work is continuing on both sides of the Channel to ensure this happens as a matter of urgency'.

Charities, including the Red Cross, Unicef and Citizens UK have criticized the government's efforts so far, and highlight that time is running out for the migrants in the Calais camp.