Amber Rudd suggests tough measures on foreign workers & students

Other | Wednesday 5th October 2016 | Arren

It's time to crack down on foreign workers and students.

At least that was the rhetoric spouted by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. Speaking at the Tory Conference yesterday, she revealed plans to put more pressure on UK businesses to 'prevent migrants taking jobs British people can do'.

She said she wants to 'flush out' businesses that are taking advantage of the 'tick-box exercise, allowing some firms to get away with not training local people'. She suggests companies may be 'named and shamed' by forcing them to release details outlining where their workforce are from in a bid to 'nudge them into better behaviour'.

Though this hasn't been met with welcome arms as the Confederation of British Industry's deputy director-general, Josh Hardie explained; 'Businesses will not welcome further restrictions on high-skilled migration from key trading partners around the world'. The plan would also do nothing to close the current skills shortage we are seeing in all industries.

Ms Rudd defended these tough measures, saying 'don't call me a racist' for trying to lower immigration numbers on BBC Radio 4.

The Home Secretary also hinted at tougher restrictions on student visas, saying, 'We need to look at whether this one-size-fits-all approach really is right'. She suggests a two-tier system that'll affect poorer quality universities and courses.

These are part of her drive to cut the levels of net migration into the UK before we depart the European Union.

No this is not 1933 Germany. This is Brexit Britain.