Marina P's 'Something New' Giving Us All The Right Sensations

Reggae | Thursday 4th May 2017 | Patience

Known for her killer vocals and powerful tracks, Marina P is back with her latest single 'Something New', alongside up and coming French producer KSD.

Taking the song to a whole other level the duo gave Marina's vocals to producers Stand High Patrol, Homeys and TWM, to bring their own roots reggae touch to the song. Each version of the track is done in a completely different way, allowing you to see the single in a whole new light.

The EP also named Something New, came out earlier this month and staying true to its reggae roots, Marina P lets us know why this project was so 'true and honest' to her.

What was your first thought this morning?
The sun is shining today.

How did you get into music?
I started music as a cello student when I was eight, but I’ve always loved to sing.

Later I started writing songs with my friends but it became serious when I moved from Italy to France and I joined some reggae bands. It was just for fun, I was studying history at university and I was supposed to continue my research.

But when Mungo’Hi Fi released the song 'Divorce à l’italienne' in 2007 I started to discover the sound system movement and that music took a bigger space in my life.

In 5 words or less describe your sound?
I would say groovy, girly, jazzy, full of bass, eclectic.

Tell us about your latest single 'Something New'?
The inspiration comes from the riddim. But more minimal and slow, I had the riddim from KSD and the song just came to me. One take and it was in the box. We thought it would be nice to hear different styles with the same vocal.

We also felt that this song was true and honest so we decided to release it quite quickly, we worked on the music video to try and express that feeling of being so small in the world, and yet so big for those who care for us.

You worked alongside KSD, Homeys, Stand High Patrol and T.W.M on the EP Something New. How did these collabs come about?

All of them are friends and family, and those friendships are very important in my musical process, we inspire and support each other.

Did working with several people make the initial creative process of the EP easier?

Every time I work with a new producer I try to understand what he is looking for in the track and what he is expecting from me. Every time it's different and it can be easier if we know each other and we share a common vision.

If you could collaborate with any artist on your next project, who would it be?
I still have some projects in progress with my friends Mungo, Stand High,  Homeys and Step-Art.
But in my dreams, it would be Badu!

If you could gig anywhere in the world- where would you like to play?
I think Japan.

Is there a  message you would like to get across in your music?
There are a lot but the most important is still more love. I am a feminist, I am an equal rights supporter no matter your sex, colour, culture or sexuality. I believe in political action to make this world better.

So if you could eradicate one song from history, what would it be?
You mean a song I really don’t like? I can’t say.

What would you do to make the world a better place?
Free us from capitalism.

What motto do you live by?
Less is more.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?
As an Italian, I would say prosecco!

What's next for Marina P?
I have some upcoming singles with L’Entourloop in France and with Mungo again. Summer gigs in France and Italy, and plenty of new songs!