Luna City Express let us in on two decades in the business

House | Thursday 25th February 2016 | Christina

Luna City Express – Marco Resmann and Norman Weber – have been on the scene for over two decades. They’ve become an integral part of the Moon Harbour label family, they’ve played shows all over the world and are still consistently producing some of the freshest house music going. We caught up with the pair ahead of the B.A.R.E third birthday party in March to find out how they do it all.

Hey guys, how’s it going? What have you been up to recently?
I was on a pretty inspiring tour through India. 
Marco: I toured as well but in South Africa, Brazil and Mexico.

Tell us a bit about how you first met and why you decided to make music as a duo rather than pursue solo projects.
We first met at a millennium party in Italy. After Norman moved to Berlin we started to play and make music together, cause we’re on the same wavelength…But I’ve always pursued my own solo project additionally.

I’m always interested to know what the dynamic is like when you’re making music in a duo – do you each have certain roles in the studio or are you equally involved in the whole production process?
 I might have more audio engineering skills than Norman so I’m taking care of all the technical parts of the production. But in the end we are equally involved in the whole process and are doing almost everything together like collecting sounds, creating ideas, arranging the tracks and so on... 

And what about when it comes to DJing? Do you agree on all the tracks for a set or do you each play what you feel like?
We never prepare any playlists, everything happens spontaneously. Of course we have these moments when something doesn’t fit, but that’s live and it doesn’t happen so often. 

Chicago house has been a big influence on your sound, what is it about this style of house that got you hooked?
 Chicago House is the main inspiration and influence but it was also primarily the entire movement that reached us here in Germany in the early 90s. We’re still in love with these old records and it’s pretty exciting that we even use the same equipment than the guys in the past. That’s probably one of the reasons why it’s so easy to stick with that sound.  

You’re playing the B.A.R.E third birthday party at Oval Space in March, which is looking like a massive night. What have you got in store for the people?
Hmmm, let me say it’s gonna be a mix of old and new stuff, like always. There’s so much great music out there! We also might test some new productions.   

You’ve been involved with Moon Harbour for many years now, what does it mean to be a part of such a strong label family?
It means that we grew together, learned a lot over the years and became good friends. It also means collaborating with a very professional crew. 

Moon Harbour has recently celebrated 15 years in the game, where do you see the label going next?
That’s a good question. I don’t know to be honest. I’d say that Matthias and André will keep on doing what they have done best during the last 15 years. The label as well as its artists will probably continue to grow and get more international reputation.

Your Smokin’ Bull EP is sick and really varied in style, what was the inspiration behind the record?
Actually these 4 tunes were not supposed to be on one record, 20/20 Vision collected them. Each track comes from a different inspiration. It’s hard to tell afterwards. It can be a gig from the weekend before or the experiences that we’ve had during our tours. It can also be our personal constitution at the time of the production process.   

It came out on 20/20 Vision, what was it like working with those guys?
We are actually still working with them as we’re planning another EP on the label as soon as possible. It’s an honour to work with them cause we’re following the label since the mid 90s. We also know Ralph Lawson for quite a long time and always wanted to do a release with him. We’re more than happy that it finally worked out and are looking forward to continuing the collaboration.     

You two have been working together as Luna City Express for almost two decades, what’s been the biggest change in the scene over that time?
The biggest change is probably the way of how labels distribute their music and how people consume music. Vinyl still exists but we obviously have reached the digital era.    

How do you stay motivated and inspired to keep producing music?
It’s all about the passion, which keeps us motivated. Inspiration comes potentially from everywhere. You just have to grab it!

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
 Business wise I’m looking forward to see and play at places where I haven’t been before, but the most important will be to enjoy as much time as possible with my family.
Marco: The birth of my second daughter!

What’s the best party you’ve ever played at?
There’s no such explicit party that wins the laurels. We’ve had so many great experiences.

And what’s the best party you’ve ever been to?
Same answer like the one before. But definitely a party where we played. Ha ha!

What is your favourite thing about Berlin?
Berlin is very contrary. On one hand you can live very anonymously in your quiet neighbourhood and on the other hand you have that crazy city that never sleeps. We love it! 

How do you define success?
We define our success with the opportunity to be able to live for years from what we love most, the music.

Tell us one song that changed your life.
Prince – 'Money Don’t Matter'.
Marco: Michael Jackson – 'Man In The Mirror'.

What is your life motto?
Peace, love and happiness.
Marco: Follow your dream.

Luna City Express will play alongside Basti Grub, Jnr Windross, Daniel and Leroy Roberts for B.A.R.E ’s 3rd birthday at Oval Space on March 5th. Tickets and info here. Follow Luna City Express on Facebook.