Baby Queens is TLC meets Trip-Hop

Other | Thursday 30th March 2017 | Laura

The all-girl outfit is made up of Monique B, Cara Elise, Estelle Ios, Vanity Jay and Ruth Vibes, all hailing from Cardiff. 

The 5 inseparable singers are known for their impossibly alluring R & B harmonies,  and sometimes soul, hip hop and reggae arrangements. They are a girl group with a difference!

Coming off the success of their latest self-titled album Baby Queens and with over 2 million hits on Spotify, the girls sit down with Guestlist to let us know about their future projects. 

What is it like to work in a group? Do you find that to be a bit of a challenge? 

It can be quite challenging at times because we are all really passionate about what we do. So I guess the positive is that you can talk to everyone and see how you feel without anyone getting really offended.

But sometimes us being all females we have our moments. But we always sort things out, and it’s good to have that closeness and that bond  because we connect  through music as well as our friendship, and just being able to talk to each other and support each other, generally. 

Tell us about the writing process for your latest album Baby Queens?

So basically there is a lot of jamming, a lot of sitting down together, writing and talking about things that we have been through. 

What we had live sounded a bit different and that  gave it a different edge, so that took longer than we had expected, but things always do you know. 

Do you all get involved in writing or is it one specific person that does that? 

We all write it, I could tell you every experience from every band member from every song list, it’s a documentation of reality. It’s like healing, like if you are going through something and you are heartbroken, the whole world changes everything is dark and a song comes on the radio and they are just singing what you are feeling, it is like ‘okay I am not alone’. So it's that kind of healing thing. 

What is next for you guys, talk me through that. 

 I think for now we would like to focus on doing a tour, because being able to travel with music is obviously....

 Is it the dream?