Fast Romantics - 'American Love' Will Leave You Lovestruck

Indie | Tuesday 28th March 2017 | Rachel

Toronto based indie rockers Fast Romantics, whom host a vibration of folk nuances reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, are back with their new album, American Love. 

The mighty 6 piece are happy possessors of a collection of awards and hits, it is no surprise that their inspiring Why We Fight, filled with cheery blows is hitting number 1 in the CBC Radio 2 chart, as well as their breakthrough single Julia stealing a SOCAN award. 

Appropriately titled, the album penetrates the veneer of 21st century modern American love. As vocalist Matthew Angus reveals, he was falling 'pretty hard in love' when constructing and completing this very bare and authentic album.

He also cites the importance of the American election and how its political turmoil 'started seeping into the song writing'.

Why We Fight's fiery, bold and bashing entrance is accompanied by the friendly bass before Angus's vocals burst with lyrics about 'beat up guitars' and 'we're all out of money, don't let the billionaires win'.

As Angus argues the premise of his song is an 'ode to anyone hungry for something that might seem out of reach'. This feisty belief of fighting for what is right is guided by the tracks overwhelming bubbly energy. 

Title track American Love is also erupting with lively spirit and euphoric beats similar to their neighbouring Canadian indie stars, Arcade Fire. As plainly and revealing as ‘I think I’m falling in American love’, Angus’ heart-on-sleeve lyrics sugar coat the anthem, making you want to listen to more.

Finally, other strong contestants within American Love include Radio Waves, Everybody's Trying To Steal Your Heart and Runaway Girl, which both succeed in offering a beach-side and heavier, indie twang to the notes that echo an early Kings of Leon tribute.

For a light-hearted and open relationship with love, Fast Romantics are the band for you.

American Love will be available on the 28th April via Light Organ Records.