Helinski's Finest DJ-Kasperg

Other | Friday 17th March 2017 | Kat

With over 2,000 Instagram followers, Helinski producer and musician Kasperg is hitting the electronic music scene with a bang. 

Kasperg is one of Helinskis freshest DJ's, combining deep house music, blends of R&B and hip-hop. With his edgy beats, he will definetely be causing a big bang in the DJ scene soon.

The Finnish DJ is now in high demand, hitting venues and festivals across the country. If you want to see for yourself, he'll be heading up Laasermehu-Roska Tampere with Rony Rex on the 24th of March.

If you don't know him yet don't worry-head on over to his Soundcloud, Youtube or Spotify to dive into deep-house, HINT: choose "Better in Time" for a Friday session.

After teasing us with Soundcloud previews,  his new record 'Black & White' featuring Mio,Biniyam and Boston rapper Black E is now finally out. 

Mixing up electronic music,house,and hip-hop, this man certainly knows how to make a beat. 

Make sure to check him out!

We're hoping to see Kasperg collabing with some of our other favourite DJ's soon. In the meantime check out his new song and vibe with us at Guestlist. We are hyped to see more of what Kasperg has to offer.