Beta Band Dragging Indie Music into the 21st century, Kicking and Screaming!

Indie | Thursday 16th March 2017 | Ben

Ever wanted to find a band that takes the sampling genius of the Beastie Boys and the calm melodies of Tame Impala and blends them together to create an experimental sound you’ve never heard before, Yes? Then you’re in luck because I have four guys from Scotland who can fill that big ole void of yours.


 As the late 1990’s came to an end grunge was dying, and Britpop was dominating the musical landscape, and subsequently the musical landscape was changing with Indie rock slowly taking over.


 In amongst this were a Scottish four piece known as The Beta Band. The foundation of their music is beat-drive melodies with layered sampling. 



The four-piece released their first full length EP titled three Eps, it's a feast of soft indie melodies and it fits in nicely with the Britpop chart toppers. The EP was experimental enough to gain them a sought after cult following.

Dry The Rain is a particular stand out tune representing everything good about The Beta Band, a soft gentle guitar hook layered with a simple beat to make for a tune that doesn't scream at you but rather whispers to you while you fall asleep.


Three Ep’s is an experimental debut instead of being rom-com fodder this is best represented in the song She's the one, with the song immediately kicking off without a real intro. The tempo is a typically beat-bandish sample, being a cornerstone of the track, it makes the song sound completely different by the time it ends.


 The structure just doesn't make sense but that's the beauty of their sound, it makes you want to listen, to hear what direction it takes you in, and before you know it you’re hooked!


There follow up album Hot Shots ll takes a more pop-oriented route using obscure experimentation more sparingly. It also made for some great electronic indie music, with the song Squares being their most conventional track. 


But even the word convention doesn't seem right when talking about The Beta Band, their weird music was never destined to be popular on a huge scale but the cult following their albums have gained is a testement to peoples need for experimentation and something different.



There music is heartfelt and different and if the purpose of music is to provoke emotion and discussion then surely The Beta Band did their job?

 Here are some of their stand out tracks:



Dry The Rain

She's The One

Inner Meet Me

I Know