The Shins 'Heartworms' Is A Joyous Attempt At Fantasy

Indie | Monday 13th March 2017 | Rachel

The Shins, an indie group as old as the early 90’s, are back but with only its creator to acknowledge.

The founder and vocalist of the once New Mexico six piece group, James Mercer, has taken on the album Heartworms as a project, all on his own, as almost the entirety of its production fell into his own hands.

Nevertheless, even as solo object, The Shins are back with a milestone of a fifth album, along with a youthful and sunlit new music video for their opening track, Name For You. It's clear Mercer has always been the beating heart and creative core of this band throughout it's life span. 

Injected with various intriguing notes form an array of weird and wonderful ilks, the album's flow is one of a flurry of sound knocked together with Mercer’s own absorbing vocals. The result is energy with incredible warmth and an indie-folk album sunk in shy optimism.

The Shins released Heartworms on March 10th- Get your copy now.