Parra For Cuva delivers a stunning new EP

House | Sunday 26th February 2017 | Lilly

You might be familiar with Parra For Cuva whose wildly successful cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games (feat singer Anna Naklab) has reached just under 18 million views to date on Youtube.

In 2014 he released his debut album Majouré, featuring guests artists Nieve, Casey K and Moonsiren. In 2016, following a road trip through Spain, he collaborated with long-time musical companion Senoy to release his highly acclaimed second album, Darwîs, in 2016 via Project Mooncircle.

Following Darwīš, this release is a collection of songs that have been created in and around the last year. The title song Mood in C was composed after the Ethiopian pentatonic scale that is deeply intertwined with both the spirituality of the people, but also the war-torn and deeply trenched history of the country.

Furthermore it combines guitar effects with synths and all sounds were recorded analog with the help of effects units. The song “Unfinished Colours” together with “Others” is the first collaboration of a future joint project of the two friends. All percussion was either recorded on journeys and travels or at home with everyday objects to give the EP a unique sound.

Drawing influences from organic electronic outfits such as Bonobo, Tycho and Four Tet, Parra For Cuva’s approach towards composition draws heavily on the use of live (often exotic) instrumentation, thick layering of effects and the use of often quirky motifs.

A broad range of both production influences is apparent, seemingly all encapsulated in a mellow, percussively textured wash, at once unobtrusive and cultured.

Enjoy his latest work 'Mood in C' below and order the Ep here.