Raves, androgynous silhouettes and stripes at the Topshop Unique show

Other | Sunday 19th February 2017 | Annoush

The lights dimmed in the tank hall at the Tate Modern as the show was about to begin, the music pumped out was fasted paced and set the scene perfectly for the Topshop Unique 2017 show.

The show opened with a fantastic pair of striped baggy tailored trousers and slogan sweatshirts, which set the course for the gorgeous selection of boyfriend suits and striped shirts. That contrasted well with the pinks and lilacs of the slip dresses that featured on the catwalk.

Some of my favourite pieces include the tailored pinstripe shirt, that’s slightly tapered to the waist, this paired with the slightly loose suit trousers make for a perfect HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) look. There was also a vertical striped blazer and mini skirt combination, which combines the shapes of the 60s with the vibe of the 90s.


Beale Suit & Mini Skirt 

It’s clear from this show that the trend for 90s nostalgia in the form of slip dresses, baggy trousers and athletic wear is here to stay!

 'Bodice' and cargo trousers were paired with striped crop tops to form the ultimate blast from the past look, all while Ciara’s classic One Two Step played from the speakers at the show.

Hopper Cargo Trousers

Oversized sweatshirts and knitted jumpers were paired with loose flowing slip dresses, pops of bright satin and floral cotton beneath the chunky knitted nostalgic designs. Worked together in that ultimate grunge look. A remix of The Stone Roses I Wanna be Adorned blasted as polo neck sports style mini dresses appeared along side PVC skirts and wool trench coats.

The 90s flashbacks continued with the seductive halter slip dresses, that added a feminine elegance to the show.  

Lindbergh Pullover 

Even better, because it’s the Topshop show, everything you see on the catwalk can be bought immediately after the show, both online and in selected stores.

Over the past couple of years this immediate availability has proved to be one of best marketing initiatives out there. It gives ordinary people access to what is often regarded as an elite society of fashionistas.

Check out the rest of the collection online HERE