The XXXtentacion Problem

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 8th February 2017 | Amelia

XXXtentacion is the name on everybody’s lips right now. 

The Broward County rapper first came into the spotlight two years ago when he posted a slow chilled out rap song called Vice City on his Soundcloud and quickly built up his catalogue. Posting a vast range of music which ranged from slow, melodic sad tunes to hard trap to metal influenced rap. This soon garnered him a cult fan base which he connected with via Periscope and Twitter.

X’s fan base was small but dedicated and just beginning to grow when he started to become known for more than just his music, posting videos of him getting into fights and soon getting arrested and charged for robbery and assault in July 2016. Not surprisingly it was this that gained him more attention than ever, although still mostly in the underground scene, and it seemed to work in his favour.

Upon his release in autumn 2016 he continued to communicate with fans online, teasing the release of his tape Bad Vibes Forever and giving the occasional interview. Things looked promising for the young rapper but after only a couple weeks of freedom he was arrested again. This time for battery and false imprisonment, allegedly having beaten up his pregnant girlfriend when he found out she had cheated on him. None of this has been confirmed, although girlfriend Geneva has posted pictures online with a black eye claiming it was X that did this.

Much mystery surrounds the case and there seems to be some cracks in Geneva’s story, but it’s a little scary how many fans have jumped to his defence. It seems next to impossible to go online lately without seeing ‘FREE X’ and it’s unnerving how cavalier young men and even women seem to be about the fact.

 He asked that fans come to his court date on 19th January and so many turned up that his own family could not get in. Despite this the date got pushed back and he says he hopes to be out in a few weeks.

There is no doubt the talented young star will make waves when he is released his fan base is now bigger than ever before. But it is hard not to be concerned by the ‘FREE X’ campaign as no one can truly say yet if he is innocent or not. All we can do is hope.