One To Watch This Weekend is the one percent

Other | Tuesday 7th February 2017 | Tali

Jamie Johnson grew up in one of the richest families in the world, they are the one percent of Americans who own 40 percent of the country’s wealth.


With a desire to break out of his wealth bubble and feeling inspired by his father's early film highlighting poverty in Africa, Johnson decided to create his own film. Documenting similar themes of financial injustice, he goes against his family. Including his father’s wishes to not discuss or reveal anything in regards to their empire and fortune.

During the film, Johnson interviews several economists and billionaires who give insight into an elitist world that’s largely inaccessible to the public. The film works to expose the inner workings of the ridiculously wealthy by talking to prominent figures. Including the heads of business publication 'Forbes' and the founders of 'Microsoft' only to be greeted by ignorance, aggravation and fear by his affluent peers. Growing up surrounded by riches, Johnson’s documentary unveils their obsession with their own wealth and their interest in preserving their own monetary power.

Ultimately the film highlights just how uncomfortable the wealthy are when it comes to discussing their wealth, and defines the term 'ignorance is bliss'. The film explores how easy it is to disassociate yourself from world financial crises and poverty when it does not affect you, and worse, how by disassociating yourself you play an integral part in creating and continuing it.