He skates around New York City making WorldWide Art. Who is this GucciGhost?

RnB/Hip Hop | Friday 3rd February 2017 |

It's 2k17 and there are no doubts left - the more fun you have, the more in trend you are. 


Trevor Andrew, or let's say Trouble Andrew as he states in his Instagram, was the one to reinvent the whole Gucci game. Three years ago an ex-Olympic snowboarder needed a last minute costume for Halloween when he cut a pair of holes in his Gucci bedsheets and called it a 'night'. That night New Yorkers started calling him the Gucci ghost, and so does Alessandro Michele after hiring Andrew as a designer. 


Andrew, 31 is a Brooklyn artist and musician who was always doing what he loves doing, in order to get noticed by the head office of the brand he was so obsessed with.


He was skating with his Dalmatian around the city and drawing graffiti of  the Gucci logo, and they were everywhere. Andrew says that what they have in common with Alessandro, is their passion for risk taking. This definitely makes sense as there is not many fashion designers who would allow a graffiti artist to join such a high-end brand.


Andrew creates his art in his NY studio which is actually to die for (his daily Instagram stories will prove it)! Having paint all over the floor and paintings all over the room, Andrew welcomes his followers to the Gucci World where the phrase 'Life is Gucci' means 'Life is good,' (even biscuits are labelled). 


The designer has DIY tattooed on his left hand, he can truly be called one of the most genuine examples of the movement. He went his own way, and so he won.