Ejeca Interview

House | Thursday 4th July 2013 | Keshav

Northern Ireland born Ejeca is currently one of the hottest properties in House music. After rocketing to popularity with hits such as 'Horizon' and 'High Rollin' this DJ is certainly one of the leaders of the new Brit house explosion. Having played a string of shows in the UK and Europe he has cemented his place as a household name. We caught up with him to have a chat about plans for an album as well as the current state of house music!

Who is your biggest influence? 

Musically The Smiths, Burial, and Bloc Party are never off my playlist. I actually lost my iPod about 2 years ago, and found it recently in a drawer, the worrying thing is it's exactly the same music I still listen to now. Is that bad? I guess music changes so much (especially electronic). It's good to have a stable centre of music you can rely on. I play tracks like Bloc Party 'Helicopter' when I'm out to a gig, and Burial 'Fostercare' on the way back, like a soundtrack to guide your day. Paul Epworth is also someone I aspire to, he has achieved so much and made a lot of great albums.

Talk us through the process of making a song / mix?

Get a tune already made that is good, loop the best bit and change the pitch.....ONLY JOKING.
I guess it depends, sometimes after a weekend you hear alot of other music and have ideas in your head so you try to aim to that. Other times I just fire up the synths and it's a case of trial and error until there's something you like, that's the great thing about electronic music, the biggest mistake can be the best sound.

You worked with fellow British producers Waze and Oddyssey when releasing Night Rays. It seems they are a number of new British artists bursting onto the scene. What do you think of British house at the moment? 

It's pumping. I was out at Sonar last week and it was Waze & Odysey, Bicep, George Fitzgerald, and myself headlining one of the big nights, proper UK takeover. Long may it continue!


What are you currently working on, can we expect an album soon?

I've just signed off a new EP with Needwant, this time last year that's sort of where it really got going with Horizon. So that should be out in September. I'm working on collaborations with some producers I respect too, hard to get them done at the moment as everyone is touring hard over the summer. An album is really my main objective over the next year, and I sort of hinted at what form it would take in my XLR8R podcast.


If you could pick five songs to have on repeat all summer what would they be? 

Victor Simonelli 'NY's Finest' - Do You Feel Me (Gerd's No Kicks Mix) 
Toro Y Moi - Say That
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
DJ Rum - Thank You
Synkro - The Way


Any plans to come back to London?

July 20th, I have a 2020 Party at an unannounced location and Farr Festival just outside London. Then back at XOYO with Detroit Swindle in August.


I saw you play a couple of months ago live in Glasgow safe to say it was amazing. Where do you think the crowds are better in the UK or abroad? 

It really depends on a lot of factors, like i played a gig in Paris on my birthday @ Flash Cocotte and it was mental. But i will always have a sweet spot for the UK as people drink more than anywhere else haha, and that usually leads to mayhem.


Your song ‘You’ was certainly one of my favourite songs of the past couple of years and I thought the piano version was even better. Any more collaborations coming up ? 

Yes, I have a few in the pipeline. I like working with other people as being a one person band it's refreshing to get other peoples ideas.


Who are your favourite up and coming artists at the moment? 

Locked Groove,Chesus,Citizen.


When you come to London where do you like to go?

China Town > Dance Tunnel > that order!

Any summer plans or are you just going to relax in the ‘sun’ ( that’s if we get any) ? 

A lot of gigs, I'm out in Pacha,Sankeys and Ushuaia in Ibiza. Then a 11 date American tour in September. Busy Busy but that's the best way!

Thanks a lot for you time Ejeca have a good summer! 


Keshav Kapoor