"Wheres the Gat at?" - Shogun

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 23rd January 2017 | Tom

Grime has always generally been dominated by London artists, with the rise of artists like Skepta, Stormzy and Wiley, the rest of the UK has been fighting to claim their place on the scene. With young artists in areas such as Blackpool releasing viral cyphers and attracting media attention, including a documentary by Vice, it seemed the scene was expanding. An area no one expected to make an impact is Scotland and more precisely Paisley, Glasgow.

Scotland has had a few break through artists such as Young Fathers and Stanley Odd, but the individual about to truly put Glasgow on the map is Shogun, aka Joe Heron. Establishing his Soundcloud and increasingly organic social following, Shogun has gone from strength to pure muscle. With the assistance of viral machine LadBible the release of "Vulcan" really brought him to the full front of both grime and non-grime listeners (like this writer). Since its release in the height of 2016 summer, "Vulcan" has gathered nearly 1.5 million views on Youtube with viewers and now fans globally. 

This non-grime fan writer (me) tried to understand why I am attracted to it and put it down to the charm of the Glaswegian accent. The roll of the Rs, the infectious use of fabricated slang and the machine gun rhythm Shogun posses is ridiculously catchy and gives you a head nodding beat usually only possessed by a drummer/percussionist. Only recently discovering this Irn-Bru Idol, I unfortunately missed his show at The Jazz Cafe, Camden, but am determined to see him live. 

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