Love Trumps hate once again

Other | Tuesday 17th January 2017 | Patience

The doomed day has finally arrived, this Saturday represents the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But instead of trembling in dreaded anticipation, The Women’s March will be holding protests all over the world. The London march takes place on Saturday at Grosvenor Square from 12pm to 3:30pm. With additional sister events in Edinburgh and Belfast, for those living to far from London.

Supported by Amnesty International the march promises to stand against Trumps constant rhetoric of demonising and threatening the most vulnerable members in society.  From refugees, women, people of different faiths, the LGBTI community and victims of sexual abuse.

Inspirational key speakers will also be joining the event, like Director Kate Allen from Amnesty UK. Like many others Allen is taking this opportunity to stand against hate and defend the rights of ALL!

To join the movement find out more at the Women's March website