CRT CLSSX drop debut EP ONE

Reggae | Thursday 8th December 2016 | Christina

CRT CLSSX, the new project from Jamie Rodigan and Aaron Horn, releases debut EP ONE via Oatmilk Industries.

CRT CLSSX was born out of an extraordinary relationship between producer Jamie Rodigan and singer-songwriter Aaron Horn. Born to the legendary David Rodigan and Trevor Horn, Aaron and Jamie have both enjoyed commercial and critical success individually. The joint project came about through a shared love for dancehall and bass, as the duo explain, "We took some of those key elements and built a vibe in the studio over the course of a few months. It’s pop and dancehall merging into blissful island rhythms”.

With their debut single 'Habits' getting love from the likes of Redbull Music, Mixmag and Mistajam, their second single 'Everything' featuring Secaina, went off the same way. These big hitters are joined on the EP by remixes from Alizzz and Afriquoi, showcasing the duo's skills in blending dancehall, jungle and trap into their own island sound. 

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