Lady Gaga: Joanne Review

Indie | Monday 21st November 2016 | Francesco

Lady Gaga is back. She has released her new album three years after Applause. It's called: Joanne, which is one of her middle names. The album has already divided fans: there are people who love her new emotionally driven ballads and others who are against her latest changes in style.

Joanne is a unique new release: songs like "Million Reasons" or "Perfect Illusion" tell the story of a hard break up, maybe her own, and we can feel every emotion to its fullest. The new Gaga album also has space for collaborations: Lady Gaga has a duet with the incredible Florence Welch and it's titled "Hey Girl", which is a powerful rock song about the possibility of successful women being supportive friends.

Joanne includes a wide variety of genres. "Get off on me, my body's got you pleadin' / Light me up and breathe in" are the lyrics of "A-Yo" which is the album's country single.

This can be considered another important achievement in the career of one of the most successful artists of these years. Joanne is powerful, energic and emotional. If you love Lady Gaga, you must listen to it. Have a look at her AMA Awards performance of "Million Reasons" below: