616 GOD - Milkavelli X Sumgii

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 27th October 2016 | Phil

One of the only white fellas you would have seen on stage at the Mercury Music Awards on stage when Skepta was accepting his prize, Don Silk’s cheeky face pops up in more places than you would care to believe.


The man formerly known as The Monster Under the Bed or otherwise known as Oliver (as we're keenly notified on the track Rotton Milk) is soon to release 616 GOD, and many would say it has been a long time coming. Milkavelli’s first solo release, produced in its entirety by one of London’s most sought after beatsmiths, Problem Child/Cult Mountain production mastermind Sumgii, has Holloway's's finest exhibiting his intoxicated, mellow flows which draw a high contrast to the often loutish content, subtle references and nuanced meanings in his rhymes.




‘Rotton Milk’ has been on heavy rotation since I heard it. Sucking you into an atmosphere more sinister than a James Bond villain, Milk’s bars slide over the ultra goony track succinctly. Generation ‘X’ captures your mood with lyrics describing events from his life that terminally shaded his perspective, all to a eerie, almost nauseating backdrop. Other tracks include ‘Duck Tape Goose’ which could have been a track straight from a Cult Mountain LP. Saying that, on ‘Je t'adore’ the Cult Mountain team and DVLGNG members are brought back together over a trademark Sumgii future-funk Piff Gang style beat, with Trellion and Lee Scott lacing the beat in familiar slo-mo style.




This record at times makes you feel like you've been left to survive on nothing but a drip feed of tranquillisers and smutty jokes. Beneath this dark surface lies boyish charm and a whole lot of attitude delivered with intelligent rhyming and comfortable style. Safe to say, 616 GOD will sit happily amongst your favourite High Focus, Blah, and Potent Funk records.


'616 GOD' is only being released in a limited run of 300 yellow vinyl with accompanying digital download as of now and possible ever, so grab yourself this 616 DVLGNG rarity while you can, solely on