Shaefri shares hypnotic visuals for 'Pixelate'

Other | Thursday 27th October 2016 | Christina

London-based electronic-pop artist Shaefri shares the video for her pulsating new single 'Pixelate'.

After cutting her teeth on the London scene with gigs across the capital, Shaefri is ready to showcase her refined electronic sound. With soft pads, gentle drums and offbeat keys, she creates a sense of light and dark in her music. On 'Pixelate', Shaefri's crisp vocals provide a great contrast to the atmospheric production, with the intense emotion and seductive hooks lingering long in the mind. 

The video, directed by Gundeep Anand, focuses on how ‘pixelating’ can be taken out of context to represent emotions and relationships. The core message is that sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and break free from all of our constraints in order to rebuild ourselves as an image that is actually complete.

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