Other | Thursday 25th August 2016 | Lucy

Of all the things to be banned in the USA, you would think guns would be one of them by now, but it turns out the state of Texas think dildos are more life threatening.

Student Jessica Jin is leader of the protest #CocksNotGlocks, and organised a rally in which a load of sex toys were given out at the University of Texas. ‘We are fighting absurdity with absurdity’ she says, along with hundreds of other students, they are fighting the new law which allows students to carry guns in classrooms, but bans them from having dildos on campus.

Student Protesters in Texas #CocksNotGlocks

Putting aside the seriousness of the new gun law, these protesters have done a wicked job at showing the world that the government can be complete dicks, and they have done so by waving huge rubber ones in their faces!