Bitty McLean has an important message with War is Over

Reggae | Saturday 30th July 2016 | Annalisa

Bitty McLean has become a constant in the reggae and dub scene. After 3 top 10 hits in the 90's, his latest release, War is Over, has an important message that is more relevant today than ever. Released as a collaboration EP with Bunny Rugs in April it features previously unavailable material from two of Reggae's best singers.

War is Over has Mclean's classic sound with a smooth vocal, deep dub beat and some wise words as he ask, "Too much fighting with no cause, who bears the scars..."

Bitty Mclean's soulful passion carries the listener with a driving bass that can only come from Robbie Shakespeare for what is simply, a big tune that will no doubt be making an appearance in some of Mclean's many live shows across Summer.

Listen for yourself: