Althea Unveils Debut EP See My Vision

RnB/Hip Hop | Thursday 28th July 2016 | Ayo

See My Vision is the exciting debut project from 19-year old London singer, songwriter and musician Althea. 

Althea – who is also an avid piano and guitar player – began signing at a very young age, before honing her skills further in her local church’s gospel choir, and then completing two years at the British Academy of New Music.

Produced and co-written with burgeoning musician and producer Dayo, See My Vision is a very bold statement of intent from Althea. With glorious R&B sensibilities and infectious bass-heavy musical backdrops, Althea displays her captivating vocal abilities, raw and relatable storytelling skills, and artistic versatility, throughout the project.

From the upbeat opening track ‘Ride’ and the sultry piano-led ‘Without You’ which sees Althea pining for her estranged lover, to the defiant ‘Telling Stories’ and ‘Practice’ with its moody and atmospheric R&B soundscape, Althea has certainly delivered an exciting addition to British R&B.

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