Lola Godheld debuts ‘Can’t Pull Me Down’

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 6th July 2016 | Ayo

'Can’t Pull Me Down’ is the brand new single from British singer and songwriter Lola Godheld, taken from her forthcoming long-awaited debut EP titled Black Water.

Written by Godheld herself, and produced by MOBO Award-winning musician and producer Victizzle, ‘Can’t Pull Me Down’ is a thumping bass-heavy offering, with a powerful and defiant message from the London native.

Hailed for her stunning vocal abilities and vulnerable songwriting, Lola has already been supported by the likes of BET, Capital Xtra, Complex UK, Link Up TV, ILUVLIVE, Afropunk and The Source. With her new single ‘Can’t Pull Me Down’ and the forthcoming Black Water EP, Lola Godheld is finally coming into her own this year.

Speaking about ‘Can’t Pull Me Down' she says, “it was inspired by one of my girlfriends, who had a rough time growing up but has been able to turn her life around. She always tells me, ‘they can’t pull me down Lola, I won’t let them’. This record is for her and everyone else going through it, to remind you that ‘they’ can’t pull you down unless you let them. Nobody can do anything you don’t allow them to do. The power is in your own hands”.