We touch base with the visionaries behind Berlin Berlin

House | Friday 1st July 2016 | Annalisa

We touch based with the three visionaries who work on Berlin Berlin, Egg LDN founder, Laurence Malice, International Marketing & Brand Development, Hans Hess and Graphics & Artists Liason, Ricardo Castro ahead of this Saturday's party aat Egg!

What kind of atmosphere and vibe are you trying to create with the mix of music and performers at Berlin Berlin? 

We’re bringing together a different and unusual style party to London, fusing the idea of having Berlin’s finest DJs spinning across 3 floors, whilst in the main Garden warehouse room the headliners spin whilst our most cutting edge performers present their unique style and avantgarde shows inside a boxing ring! The idea is to mix up all types of crowds and bring them together in a world they’re not used to and where anything goes. In The Loft Berlin Berlin hosts the cutting edge of East London DJs and promoters whilst in the Apothecary, there’s more outrageous performances inspired by Berlin and Red Light districts, peep shows and cabaret from some of the wildest club kids in town and you can expect the most amazing outfits! 

With a 'no cameras' policy, there's obviously a nod to the protected 'anything goes' space of Berghain. How important is to do this and should more club nights follow suit?

Sometimes clubbers spend so much time doing selfies that they forget to look around and see the amazing people at this unique party and just enjoy it on every level. If you really want to see how Berlin Berlin works you should come to the club to appreciate the huge effort we put into staging this quarteryl and much talked about event. We do have a photographer on the night and you can have a look and taste of what’s in store on our Facebook page.

What have been your personal highlights from previous events and what are you planning for future ones?

For me the highlights are always the amazing performances...they’re glamorous, decadent, outrageous and sometimes shocking and the performers we work with never let us down. We love the effort our crowd put into dressing for this event too and its an Exclusive magic that if you weren’t there, you can’t sample the magic. 

Are you pleased about the Mayor's potential stance of the capital's nightlife and how do you hope this will work out?

We want to keep doing what we do best and it’s very important that we keep the club culture in London alive. It’s great exposure for new talents and many of our world famous designers, make up artists and creative people in general often come out of the underground club and party scene.

Berlin Berlin: The Birthday is celebrating in style this Saturday July 2nd with DJs Tobi Neumann, Cinthie and Benno Blome plus Sisyphos residents Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow and Foolik joining performers Marnie Scarlet, Beatrix Carlotta, Syban and Ruby Bird Vs Von Kuntz at Egg LDN.
All info at on the Egg London website