Was the Lemonade a little too sour?

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 31st May 2016 | Ollie

Was the new Lemonade album too harsh? The latest unnanounced offering from the Queen has got many of you scratching your heads.  

Whatever she does, it sends shockwaves around the world and this time Beyonce dropped a major bombshell. As well as creating videos for each track from her latest, surprise album - Beyonce has gone one step further and has a feature film to present the album, and it's seamless. 

However the main talking point for the whole album was the if it was all about alleged infidelity. With lyrics such as “can't you see there's no other man above you" & "what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you”, it isn’t surprising that people have come out with  their own theories.

The album as a whole delivered us the usual Beyoncé format with tracks covering a variety of, not just a different topics, but also sounds. With the usual slow jams we are used to, getting to the harder songs like 'Sorry'. There are three features on the album which isn’t too many, but what's more surprising are those who featured.

With Kendrick Lamar now being a mainstay of hip hop culture this was an obvious choice, but having with Jack White and also James Bay was a welcome decision as the tracks speak for themselves.

The biggest question is, with all the controversy surrounding the album, the lyrics that support it and the absence collaboration with her husband Jay Z. What will happen next?

Will we hear from the Queen herself? Will Jay Z come back with a response? Will Solange say anything?

Whatever happens we are loving every minute of it.

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