Danish artist Baby Blood drops 'White Lotus'

Other | Thursday 19th May 2016 | Christina

Danish producer and songwriter Baby Blood drops her new single 'White Lotus', out via The Big Oil Recording Company. 

Taken from her forthcoming EP Await The Coven, the track is a trippy mash-up of electronica and R&B, weaving between sweeping synths and warped vocals. For Baby Blood, 'White Lotus' is "is about the struggle of achieving a state of mental purification through the powers of nature, while existing in a highly intoxicated world. Being surrounded by nature fluently illustrates how the past, present and future are part of the infinite cycle of existence, birth, life, departure and return".

Baby Blood is the masked moniker of Copenhagen-based artist Lucy Love. Hidden behind a Mexican wrestling disguise, Baby Blood’s image is all about creating a sense of mystery, which you can most definitely hear in her music. 

Await The Coven is out on 17th June. Follow Baby Blood on Facebook and SoundCloud