Ex-WU LYF Frontman Releases Debut Solo Track

Indie | Wednesday 26th June 2013 | Will

Since his shock and very public departure from WU LYF last November, former frontman Ellery Roberts, usually known for his self-righteous statements of intention and cryptic, vague answers to questions, has kept uncharacteristically quiet. His other ex-band mates all returned earlier this year in the form of indie-disco project Los Porcos, but this week saw Roberts drop his debut single; ‘Kerou’s Lament (犠牲)’.

Much in the same vein as his work with WU LYF, ‘Kerou’s Lament (犠牲)’ features a similarly heavy use of reverb and the same emotively sensationalised vocal delivery, and lyrics, that had become synonymous with the mysterious Manchester collective.

For all its similarities, ‘Kerou’s Lament (犠牲)’ will certainly be well received. The warm synths, watery, washed-out percussion, and Ellery’s forever endearing and intriguing voice demands further listens. Lyrics like “My heart is good, believe me I could” and the chilling refrain “To the powers of old, to the powers that be; you have f***ed up this world but you wont f**k with me” raise neck hairs much like some of the more epic cuts from 2011’s Go Tell Fire To The Mountain.

Again, proving just how much WU LYF was the brainchild of Ellery, the song is accompanied with a cryptic, artsy video, not too dissimilar to those used by his old band for the majority of their visual promotion. You can see the video at the bottom of this article.

Although the mention of, and comparison to, WU LYF was always going to be at the forefront of any review of Ellery’s solo work, ‘Kerou’s Lament (犠牲)’ can easily hold its own against his band’s previous work. He is still a master of melody, with a sharp eye for structure and texture, and possesses perhaps the most unabashed, wicked tongue in the business.

Ellery doesn’t seem such a sad puppy dog anymore, he sounds revitalised and free of artistic constraint.


Ellery James Roberts - ‘Kerou’s Lament (犠牲)’:


Will Crosby