Indie Album of the Month: Miike Snow - iii

Indie | Thursday 10th March 2016 | Teresa

Four years after the release of their last album, the Swedish trio Miike Snow is back with their third album. 

Miike Snow is the epitome of indie-pop. With the smooth vocals of Andrew Wyatt in the hands of the talented production team Bloodshy & Avant, they succeed at fusing the sounds of two complementary genres, culminating in upbeat catchy songs packed with emotion. Their first two albums were different, and equally good, in their own right. Their first album, Miike Snow, bringing them acclaim for the wonderfully catchy 'Animal', whilst their second album took the more experimental route with songs like 'God Help this Divorce', a song reminiscent of the sounds of Animal Collective without the psychedelia.

Their third album, iii, is more a melding of the two previous albums, with catchy songs like 'Ghengis Khan' racking up attention for the album, and more mellow songs like 'I Feel the Weight' conveying the ever-evolving sound of the group. With both of these songs, although invoking entirely different emotions, the lyrics of both are entirely relatable. Whilst 'Ghengis Khan' expresses the frustrating feelings of being emotionally territorial in a label-less relationship, 'I Feel the Weight' touches on the heaviness of letting go of love. Each song is as unique as the next, as Miike Snow continues to branch out, and take from different genres. 

The group actually stated the influence of hip hop on this album, which is clearly heard on 'Back of the Car'. Although new for Miike Snow, and debatably a risky move, the group succeeds by retaining their signature sound, but with a new twist. With each album being a departure from the sounds of the previous, Miike Snow shows that the trio is in a constant flux of experiment within the realms of indie-pop, with iii as full testament to this. 

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