Jakil's 80's Shuffle

Indie | Tuesday 7th March 2017 | Lorna

Fans of The 1975 and Whitney Houston alike will love the latest single from Scottish indie-pop band Jakil, the first of four songs set to be released this year, titled Every Time We Talk. 

The five piece first made their debut, as many musicians do, on Youtube, where they posted acoustic covers of songs such as Solange’s Losing You and All Night Long by Lionel Richie. Filmed in their kitchen, the videos create a sense of intimacy with the band. So it is easy to see why their fanbase has been steadily building ever since their first upload in 2013.


Following the release of several tracks in 2016, including Tongue Tied and Truth Is, the band’s newest offering builds on their infectiously catchy track record, fusing 80s style synths and snappy guitar riffs. Lyrically, it deals with an unrequited crush, and the band told Nylon Magazine that the song is about “falling for someone who’s a little bit mean but keeping you keen”.  

Jakil will play a show in London at Birthdays on the 12th April. So make sure to get tickets now, its only £7!