Reggae Album of the Month: Taj Weekes & Adowa

Reggae | Thursday 25th February 2016 | Arash

Love, Herb and Reggae is the 5th album released by group Taj Weekes & Adowa. With 14 new tracks, one of them being a remixed version of the catchy, “Here I Stand,” Love, Herb and Reggae provides great tunes, sweet vocals and lyrics.

Political, with a strong passion for righteousness and one love for everyone, Love, Taj Weekes was definitely thinking outside of the box both musically and in the album’s message.

Taking no shortcuts, Taj addresses a number of issues from Black Lives Matter, climate change, legalisation of marijuana, climate change and even problems in the Reggae community in regards to those who are gay.

The music is solid; the smoothness of Reggae with the introduction of new sounds introduced and funky backtracks on some of the tunes like, Life in the Red. It brings a refreshing change to the genre and at the same time maintains its roots.

In addition to all this, the detail on the album is spectacular, for example in Life in the Red, the sound of a cash register and coins can be heard, setting the tone for the track and a bringing a subtle and powerful message for the listeners.

The vocals are soft and the lyrics meaningful, making for a good listen, paired with the sheer talent of the beats makes for a great listen.

Love, Herb and Reggae is a definite recommendation for those that are into the Reggae genre, and those who aren’t.