Shane Warne: We Evolved From Aliens

Other | Monday 15th February 2016 | Tom

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne is known as being one of the best players of the game ever, and on a recent TV appearance he gave his own trademark spin on the theory of evolution.

Warne, who is currently competing on the Australian version of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, stated in true Icke fashion that ‘If we’ve evolved from monkeys, then why haven’t those ones evolved? Because, I’m saying, aliens’. Warne was chatting to fellow contestant, dancer Bonnie Lythgoe, at the time.


Look at those pyramids, Bonnie,’ Warne continued. ‘You couldn’t do them. You couldn’t pull those ropes, huge bits of brick and make it perfectly symmetrical. Couldn’t do it. So who did it?’ Lythgoe then replied with the only logical answer: ‘Has to be from another world, has to be.’ Warne stated ‘Whatever planet they’re on out there, they decided that they were gonna start some more life here on earth and study us’.

Shane Warne is not alone with his views, more people in the U.S.A currently believe in aliens than in God.