Indie Album of the Month: Ty Segall

Indie | Wednesday 10th February 2016 | Michael

As one of the kings of garage rock, Ty Segall has had an interesting few years. Taking a break from his iconic sound, he’s released two LPs that show off his acoustic singer/songwriter style.

Lo-fi classics like Melted and Slaughterhouse were for a brief period forgotten, with Segall instead discovering the boundaries of his writing on the opposite side of Rock.

Emotional Mugger takes the American solo artist back to his psychedelic sound he’s known for, and it’s a welcome return. He’s less concerned with perfectly crafted melodies and more interested in creating a weird vibe that matches the creepy black and white album cover.

After 8 years of non-stop releases, Segall took more time to pull this together and it’s completely paid off with a full circle back to his more harsh and experimental sound.