Other | Friday 5th February 2016 | Ollie

We take a look at some of the wearable technology... the future might be closer than you think!

Apple Watch 2

Price: TBC

Paving the way for everyone to follow the Apple watch combines all the basic features that a smart phone has into a neat little package on your wrist in three different styles. With the ability to use Siri functions, check emails and pay for your groceries the Apple watch is a must have for any tech geek.

There is a new version coming out later this year which is rumoured to include a camera for facetime calls and Heart rate sensors to work with their Health applications. Not forgetting the style upgrades as there will be many ways to customise the watch ranging from multi-coloured smart straps with the ability to show notifications to rose gold faces. It looks like there is no end in sight to the Apple watch and we are waiting patiently.


Google Glass Update

Price: Starting at $1,999

The search engine pioneers, Google, have brought us another great edition to your Sci-fi wardrobe - Google Glass. This inspiring bit of kit has some unbelievable features like projecting images onto the wearers eye effectively turning them into a computer, not to mention being able to run functions using voice activation. Who would have thought a pair of glasses would have 2GB of RAM!



The PoloTech Shirt

Price: $295

Fashion giant Ralph Lauren have come up with an ingenious way of keeping track of your fitness with this innovative T-shirt. It has silver fibres that are woven directly into the shirt which analyses all kinds of data such as your breathing depth and heart rate and this is all controlled via Bluetooth and is compatible with Apple Smartphones and Watches. This is an incredible bit of kit and it looks amazing too!


Columbia Electro Interchange Jacket

Price: $300

This really is a jacket for anyone that spends a lot of time outside or lives in the northern hemisphere. It boasts two lightweight rechargeable batteries that power the jacket. That’s right this jacket has its own Omni-Heat Electric control system with three different heating settings, how can it get any better – oh it can charge your phone too!