Borders, Just As Relevant Today

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 2nd February 2016 | Tom

The majority of musicians in the modern age are either incapable or unable to create songs that spark a political debate, but that is something London based rapper M.I.A does well.

The last music video she directed, ‘Borders’ remains just as poignant today as it did when it was released last year. Facing the refugee crisis head on, M.I.A calls out Western governments for their lack of action in the face of the largest refugee crisis that Europe has seen since the end of the Second World War.

Both M.I.A’s lyrics and video art are politically charged and a statement from her label stated that both come hand in hand to create ‘a truly global and characteristically DIY M.I.A project. The two pieces will ultimately come together in a larger body of work that explores the concept of Borders, an element of which will be a full-length album and film experience entitled Matahdatah.’

We are now sat here anticipating her next project.