Stormzy vs. Dillian Whyte: The Beef Explained

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 25th January 2016 | Felix

It's not often a grime MC swings for a boxing heavyweight, but this time Stormzy's packing lyrical punches.

When people talk about heavyweight beef it rarely involves an actual boxing heavyweight, but we all know Stormzy likes to do things a little differently.

So why did the 22 year old grime MC drop his first track of 2016 and call out Dillian Whyte? Rewind to Whyte’s fight with Anthony Joshua for the British heavyweight title in December - Stormzy plays Joshua into the ring with a slightly adapted version of his ruthless hit, ‘Shut Up:’

“Man try say he’s better than AJ / Tell my man shut up!”



After a lively fight, Joshua put Whyte to bed with a hefty uppercut in the 7th round, leading the referee to declare a technical knockout.

Whyte was probably pretty salty about the loss (the first of his professional career), but in an interview with iFL TV he had more to say about Stormzy than his opponent in the ring:

“Listen, if you're from south London you know what the codes are from day one – if he is south, he sticks with south. You don't side with a man from north London.

I'd knock him out. I'd give him the real one *bang* and knock him out. Listen, Stormzy wouldn't dare say ‘shut up’ to my face and that's a fact.”

Bringing us nicely up to date - yesterday Stormzy dropped his first tune of 2016, ‘One Take (Freestyle),’ going in over a slapped out beat from Rudekid. Big Stormz takes pops at everything from the BRIT Awards overlooking black UK artists to Dappy’s use of the N-word. The last few bars are saved for Dillian Whyte, where Stormzy straight dismisses the boxer’s threats:

“I clocked it / My man's lost it,

Man held a beating / The ref should've stopped it,

Mopped it / Had one chance you flopped it,

Threatening me won't make you the heavyweight champ, rudeboy, stop this.”

No response from Whyte so far, and his Twitter feed has been quiet for a couple of days. Let’s see if this fight goes to the next round.