California: the holy mecca of health food

Wednesday 13th January 2016 | T

If there’s one thing California takes seriously, it’s health food. As someone born and raised in the Golden State, I was exposed to organic vegetables, almond milk, green juices, and any other item you would find in Whole Foods from a young age. Upon moving to England I was taken aback when I realised my friends hadn’t heard of kombucha or almond butter or all things ‘paleo.’ I wish I was exaggerating but California is truly one of a kind when it comes to food. I have a very scientific theory that 90% of health food trends start in California and move eastward. This may be completely unfounded, but there’s no doubt that the people of California have a knack for making the impossible possible when it comes to food. In search of a vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free donut? Search no further than Fonuts in Los Angeles. Or try Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco. As someone who has lived in both northern and southern California, I can say from experience that we Californians take our food seriously. If you do happen to visit in the near future, and want a taste of health, I recommend checking out these places:

Cafe Gratitude

With locations in both northern and southern California, Cafe Gratitude brings you some dank, organic, vegetarian food with a healthy side of positive affirmations. No, seriously, everything on the menu is labeled “I am (positive affirmation),” so when you order you basically have to tell yourself you’re awesome.



If there’s one other thing California is known for, it’s Mexican food. Whether or not it’s truly authentic, it’s delicious. Located in La Jolla near San Diego, Puesto fuses Mexican food with California’s love of health food. Serving up tasty bowls and tacos, all ingredients are organic and their tacos are even served in homemade, gluten-free corn tortillas.



Roam Artisan Burger


Lastly, Roam is a personal favourite for its paleo options and affordability.They pride themselves in organic ingredients, including grass-fed meat. As a former vegetarian, I’m also a huge fan of their quinoa burger served up in a lettuce wrap and washed down with whatever kombucha they have on tap.