Friends Too Busy? Fear Not, Drinky's Here For You!

Other | Tuesday 12th January 2016 | Sam

Find yourself sitting at home on again on a Friday night because all of your mates are too tired to go out or too busy looking after their kids? Fear not, Drinky is here for you, you lonely bastard.

Don't expect to have an in-depth chat with the drinking robot, it can't speak, but it can most definitely drink you under the table.

The creation of South Korean inventor, Eunchan Park, can clink glasses in celebratory fashion, complete a game of Centurion no problem, motion for ANOTHER drink, and it can even go red in the cheeks after knocking back a drink. Pouring alcohol into a jar has never been so much fun!

So as you sit there, watching a lifeless machine prove how much of a lightweight you really are, after slamming down countless shots of the Jack Daniels you bought earlier from Tesco as it was on special offer, you can marvel in the future of technology. Already, before robots are even a thing, we're trying to corrupt them with our own gluttonous, alcoholic ways.

Drinky is supposed to be a drinking companion, however, after going a few rounds with him, it will make you realise how pathetic your life has become... watching repeats of Casualty in the darkness has never been so depressing.