Apple Worship Intensifies Over Xmas Period

Other | Wednesday 6th January 2016 | Sam

It has been announced that over the festive period, Apple managed to rake in around $1.1billion through their App Store alone.

iPhone, iPad and Mac users made sure it was an amazing ending to the year for the tech giant along with - Apple Watch and AppleTV users - as they revealed they managed to have a record-breaking Christmas in terms of downloads.

New Years Day, typically a day full of regret or inspiration, (depending on what you got up to on the 31st December) saw the California-based company take in around $144million on their App Store.

With incredible sales on their hardware, it’s no surprise that their App Store is doing so well - although I reckon a large proportion of the income is coming from the most exploitative method of making money ever - young kids making in-app purchases on their newly acquired iPads or iPhones, without even knowing what they're doing.

Continuing the positivity, it has been revealed that in the US alone, Apple has been responsible for creating nearly 2 million jobs, one can only wonder how long it will be until their global domination peaks and we’ll all be working for them.