Artist of the month: Tonstartssbandht

Indie | Wednesday 6th January 2016 | Cristina

Raised in Florida and currently residing in Brooklyn, Tonstartssbandht, (roughly pronounced ton-starts-bandit) have built up a colossal body of work since they started out in 2008, mostly composed of sprawling, shoegazey soundscapes, masterminded by tight compositions.

Brothers Andy and Edwin White, AKA Tonstartssbandht, jam in the studio and on stage in a wide variety of styles, switching between heavy guitar shredding and gentle, dreamy electronic arrangements. It’s their ability to draw disparate traditions into a cohesive sound that sets them apart, along with their penchant for releasing material on limited edition cassettes.

Buy Tonstartssbandht music, including critically acclaimed 2014 live album Overseas, on their Bandcamp.