2015: The Year of the Comeback

House | Saturday 26th December 2015 | Arren

Its always an exciting time when an absolutely legendary producer or group release a new album and take the obligatory tour. But this year some of the biggest and best rolled up and dropped new albums in a seemingly coordinated aural assault.

First were The Prodigy (pictured above) and their intense rush of an album The Day Is My Enemy. The Essex badboy’s explained that they weren’t mucking about on their 6th studio album, and once you listen it becomes clear that they weren’t joking. Possibly not really geared for the dancefloors, the violence vibes do not end – shame it was just very similar to 2010’s Invaders Must Die.

It was Moda Black’s Little Black Book who brought back another iconic act. Groove Armada took the reigns of the labels compilation series and re-positioned themselves from huge mega house act to an after-hours, basement house act. Baring two discs, one side is a mix that includes 8 new records from them – whilst the other holds 10 exclusive remixes of classic Groove Armada material!

Following was Manchester’s rave legends The Chemical Brothers as they reintroduced their synthetic type of alpha beta psychedelic funkin back to table with Born In The Echoes. That’s not to say more of the same, on the contrary it all felt very new and different whilst being absolutely, 100% a Chemical Brothers album. It’s an incredible journey across a soundscape of acid weirdness, techno bumping, big room vocals and general aural ecstasy.

Leftfield also returned to the musical sphere this year, a now reformed single man job. Neil Barnes reformed the innovative project in 2010 to tour and 2015 was the year he decided to drop all the new material he’s wrote. Compiled as Alternative Light Source, the 10 tracked album speeds the Leftfield style up into the new age. It’s a clash of hefty techno cuts alongside the weird more disorienting waves of electronic music.