Dusky to debut live show at Village Underground

House | Wednesday 17th February 2016 | Cristina

London’s Dusky, AKA Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell, have recently announced that they will debut their live show at Village Underground on April 16.

Nick and Alfie said: ‘Not all of the music we’ve been making necessarily fits into our standard DJ sets, but all of it has a deep connection with electronic music and the dancefloor culture that surrounds it, which is what led us to conceive our live show’.

The duo are working on live versions of some of their releases, as well as soundscapes to bridge the tracks during the show. Get a taste for some of the sounds Dusky are engineering in the promo video below.

In going live, Dusky will be following in the footsteps of electronic music titans like the Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Leftfield. They’re currently working on a second studio album.

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