Andy Ruddy comes of age on his debut LP

Indie | Sunday 6th December 2015 | Christina

Northern singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Ruddy has created Everything Is In Order, a debut album that showcases a songwriter going from strength to strength.

It is a spectacular montage of contemporary acoustic indie/folk which draws you in and immerses you into Andy’s world - of the mellow and magical whilst maintaining an essence of relatability. The album takes you through a chronological coming of age story. He notes that "the perspective changes as the album goes on- it begins with youthful exuberance and ends somewhere more mature and reflective". The raw and honest lyrical content – which are slowly becoming Andy’s trademark - are met with soothing harmonies, perfectly juxtaposed with his subtle regional accent. As the follow-up to 2014’s preceding EP On This Great Day, the album matures sensitively and authentically, showing the evolution of Andy as a songwriter and artist. 

Hailing from Bradford, Law graduate Andy is the product of a rich, unearthed music scene in his hometown. This urban poet is a nostalgic dreamer with much to say about the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. After a busy year "stuck in a Law library", Andy returns to music more devoted than ever - it is certain that his unique writing is born out of genuine love and passion for the art, a personal therapy with no desire to chase the fame that is fast approaching.

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