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Drum and Bass | Saturday 5th December 2015 | Arren

A master of his craft, has absolute dedication to what he does, Pascal has drum & bass running through his veins. He is the brains behind the Real Playaz camp running the day-to-day business, setting new goals all whilst sorting the brands public image with long time business partner, DJ Hype.

Despite focusing on the label management and the daily grind that it brings, Pascal will always remain one of the Ganja Kru and a formidable DJ, with an impressive back catalogue of genre defining music.

He wasn’t always known as Pascal, like many artists he has a number of aliases behind him who’ve help shape and define him today.  His love of Hip Hop and early electronic music steered him into a huge career in music production. Taking hints from Hip Hop’s book he would chop breakbeats and sample vocals piecing them together into his own interpretation of rave music under the name of Bad Influence.  

After a few white labels and records out on his and Sponge’s Face Records his new alias came along, Jonny Jungle. His hard work on Face Records had caught the attention of DJ Hype. On a similar creative vibe, Hype brought Pascal over to the legendary Suburban Base where his biggest record of the time was dropped, the dark and twisted Jonny.

Following the successes of Johnny Jungle, Face Records folded as Pascal and Sponge split. It wouldn’t be long before another label would fill its place. Enter Frontline  a serious imprint that is a testament to Pascal's hard work. Throughout it’s history it released some massive material including the classic Six Million Ways To Die. Things were looking good, his personal productions including the knockout P Punk and the acclaimed Still Smokin’ LP, were smashing in the scene, all whilst managing a label with some of the hottest names in drum & bass.

You might think you couldn’t get much bigger, but hooking up with Hype and DJ Zinc, they formed the infamous Ganja Kru. One of drum & bass’ first supergroups they signed up to a major label, which led them to explode on a global level collectively and individually.

After a crazy few years that involved much touring, and hours spent in the studio Pascal was on top of his game. In 2002 Pascal and his Frontline imprint joined forces with Hype and his Ganja Records beginning Real Playaz. The Playaz camp is now one of the biggest labels in drum & bass with a strong artist roaster including DJ Hazard, Taxman, Original Sin, Sub Zero, Annix and Tyke. For a while Pascal and Hype expanded the Real Playaz with a host of labels including Ganja-Tek and LiqWeed Ganja.

Nowadays the Playaz camp focus on Playaz and New Playaz and though no longer producing, Pascal remains the behind the scenes ensuring the labels are running smoothly and delivering the best in drum & bass. Despite mostly focusing on the boring bits of work now, Pascal still regularily appears at the Playaz's Fabric residence showing the kids how its done

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