Hot Fuss: Guestlist's Indie playlist

Indie | Tuesday 1st December 2015 | Craig

Traams: Costner

Traams’ second full length opener, Costner, shows the boys from Chichester are still going strong. With a sound that’s almost identical to their self-titled debut, Traams prove that developing your sound is not the most important thing, especially if you already sound like a beast.


The Last Of The Shadow Puppets: Standing Next To Me

With news of a new Shadow Puppets record, this one's been on repeat all week. Listening back to the supergroup’s debut, you cannot help but get excited for what Alex and Miles may conjure up next.


Parquet Courts: Monastic Living

I can’t help but laugh to myself when listening to the new album from these guys. Despite their first few albums consisting of what can only be described as noise, it still sounded great. With this release, maybe they’ve taken their ‘we don’t care how it sounds’ attitude a bit too far. The line between noise and music is thinner that ever before with this one.


Cage The Elephant: Trouble

Cage The Elephant are not a conventional indie rock band. Where most smash the scene with a great debut and subsequently flop (think almost every indie band from the last 15 years), Mathew Shultz and co. did the opposite. Though their first two albums helped them break into the scene, it wasn’t until Melophobia that they actually, as many critics suggested, made something good all the way through. If new single, Trouble, tells us anything new, it’s that this newfound form is no fluke.