Kanye Drops Silent Film Promoting Yeezy Collection 2

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 28th October 2015 | Sam

Ever the artist, Kanye West has decided to release a silent film highlighting the development process behind his second collaboration with adidas Originals, Yeezy Season 2.

Yeezy Season 2 Show

Anyone wanting to get their hands on a piece from the Season 1 collection can expect to pay anywhere between $180 for a tank top and $2500 for a trenchcoat. Yes, a fucking trenchcoat. If you too want to wince at some of the unbelievable prices, the full pricelist for the collection can be found here

Kanye West

The jury is out over whether Kanye is trying to show off his artistic talents with the new silent movie (which is actually pretty well shot) or if he is trying to prove that his clothes are completely original; designed and created from scratch in his own sweatshop studio. Whatever he's trying to prove, the question arises - is the beginning of a glittering career in film-making for Ye, or simply the beginning of some immense paranoia-driven episode? He did after all famously claim that "We all self-conscious. I'm just the first to admit it." Decide for yourself by watching the brand new behind-the-scenes film here.