Grammy Award-winning Dom Morley steps out as V Pages

Other | Wednesday 1st April 2015 | Christina

Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Dom Morley presents his debut single, In and Out’, under the moniker of V Pages, set for release on 13th April. Inspired in name by Victoria Page, a character from the 1948 film The Red Shoes, V Pages (actually pronounced “Five Pages”) draws inspiration in sound from M83, Chvrches, Smashing Pumpkins’ first album, and Alessandro Cortini.

Featuring the vocals of producer and singer Saint Saviour of Groove Armada fame, the track is an atmospheric and uplifting slice of electronica that allows her delicate timbre to shine through. Morley previously collaborated with Saint Saviour on her debut album, producing the track ‘Fallen Trees’. A product that stemmed from his desire to recapture the feeling of hearing The Verve’s debut Storm in Heaven for the first time, In and Out’ is brimming with spacey synths and ethereal harmonies.

Morley’s credentials can’t be doubted - as a producer and engineer, he’s worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, The Police, Scott Walker and Mark Ronson, as well as with Amy Winehouse on Back to Black, for which he was awarded his Grammy.

As well as working on a full album as V Pages, Morley also has collaborations in the pipeline with Solomon Grey, whose album Selected Works was released last month, and INK, the electro-pop baby of Colin MacIntyre. Already celebrated in his field and now set to make new waves, Morley’s talents seemingly know no bounds.

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