3 Mobile Gaming Trends to expect in 2015

Other | Monday 2nd March 2015 | Annalisa

Mobile gaming represents huge business in 2015, and it is only likely to expand further over the course of the next decade. It is also a constantly changing sector, with the rising prominence of gamers who like to play roulette online and enjoy similar past-times creating a demand for more immersive, real-time gameplay. 2015 may well be a year of significant change and further growth in the diverse mobile gaming industry and this is something that will have a huge impact both on recreational players and developers.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three key mobile gaming trends that are likely to take hold in 2015. 

Games to Remain the Most Lucrative Mobile Apps

Games are already established as the most lucrative mobile applications, and this trend is likely to continue in earnest in 2015. According to the App Annie Index Market Report from the third quarter of 2014, the majority of Google Play’s global revenue has been generated by gaming applications and virtual casinos. The highest earnings were in Korea and the U.S., but this is part of a global trend that will become more firmly entrenched in the next twelve months. In fact, mobiles games could generate as much as 75% of all Google Play revenue over the course of 2015.

Free-to-Play Games will become the Norm

Since the emergence of mobile gaming, the so-called devaluation of titles has begun in earnest. This is diametrically opposed to the nature of console gaming, where games and platforms are charged at a premium alongside the accessories that are required to play them. The ‘freemium’ model is also popular in other industries, and in 2015 it is likely to become a standard feature for the mobile gaming sector. This will see even more games released to the market, while developers will become increasingly creative when driving in-game purchases.

Mobile Marketing will focus Primarily on Video

From a marketing perspective, developers will also become increasingly thoughtful and creative when promoting their games. This is likely to lead to an increased focus on video marketing techniques, with YouTube the preferred platform thanks to its real-time nature, high traffic levels and the fact that it is available on demand. The flexibility and wider appeal of VOD’s (videos on demand) will drive higher sales conversions and create more effective marketing campaigns.